Schiebel Failsafe-Actuators with Spring Return Device

Since January 2016 VA-Engineering GmbH is the sales partner of the SCHIEBEL GmbH in Germany. The company SCHIEBEL is a globally active company, founded in Vienna in 1958. Since that time SCHIEBEL has manufactured electrical actuators for on/off- and modulating duties. Around the world, SCHIEBEL actuators have been proven successfully in many different areas of applications. Stable and reliable, smart and compact, innovative and safe are the attributes which are mentioned from satisfied users in connecting with SCHIEBEL actuators most frequently.

FS SERIES – innovative and safe

From the overall production process standpoint, Failsafe actuators represent a major challenge for SCHIEBEL. Greatest responsibility, reliability, and flexibility come together in the making of these actuators. The technology is based on an electric actuator with a purely mechanical safety function. In the event of a power outage or triggering of the safety function, the actuator moves into a preset position so that no hazards are posed to humans or the environment.

According to an externally-conducted FMEDA (Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostic Coverage Analysis), the Failsafe actuator achieves a safety integrity level of 3.

Failsafe actuators are generally adapted to customer requirements in terms of actuating force (operating torque), travel distances, and positioning time characteristics in normal and failsafe operation.

Key Features

  • Actuators for on-off (S2) and modulating control (S4)
  • ATEX compliant, explosion-proof actuators
  • Voltages from 24 V DC to 400 V AC 3~
  • As part-turn actuators up to 32.000Nm
  • As linear actuators up to 190 KN with 230mm stroke
  • Adjustable speed/time
  • Up to SIL 3 with automated PVST (partial valve stroke test) possible
Schiebel Failsafe Antrieb Beispiel 1 Schiebel Failsafe Antrieb Beispiel 2
Schiebel Failsafe Antrieb Beispiel 3 Schiebel Failsafe Antrieb Beispiel 4
Schiebel Failsafe Antrieb Beispiel 5

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