3P Automation – System and Automation Technology

Centrally located in Europe , with their headquarters in Luxembourg and their international core business in industrial automation, they are working worldwide together with selected companies to achieve the common goals with the customers.


3P Automation determines your exact requirements, executes system-checks and provides you with instruments like automation concepts, specifications, functional descriptions and technical drawings.
3P Automation develops target - oriented solutions hand – in - hand with the customer. It does not matter if you need a complete new installation, a migration or change of a system, or replacement and repair of assemblies of older automation systems.
3P Automation offers the know-how and the technical possibilities to support your plans.
This makes it possible to save costs, increase efficiency and improve the planning of your investments.


3P Automation offers phone and remote support based on individual adjusted service contracts.
According to these agreements it is possible to achieve a high availability of critical processes and systems.
Aligned with your needs 3P Automation can arrange and ensure 24h support.

Technischer Support

3P Automation bietet Ihnen durch individuell angepasste Serviceverträge eine Hotline- und Remoteunterstützung. Vereinbarungsgemäß kann hierdurch eine lückenlose Verfügbarkeit für kritische Systeme und Prozesse erreicht werden.

Ausgearbeitet nach Ihren Wünschen und Zielen und ausgerichtet an Ihren Bedürfnissen, kann hier eine 24 Stunden-Betreuung vereinbart und gewährleistet werden.


One of the first “Virtual Power Plants“ has been developed by 3P Automation and Energieservice Westfalen Weser (formerly known as E.ON Westfalen Weser). This so called ”SYSTEMKraftwerk” had been productive long before the term “Smart-Grid” became popular through the media.

  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Technical Support
  • Commissioning
  • Optimization
  • After-Sales-Service
  • Revitalizing of legac
  • Maintenance Management
Scope of supply:
  • Melody ©
  • Maestro UX ©
  • 800xA ©
  • Freelance 800F ©
  • AC800M ©
  • Contronic 3 ©
  • Contronic E/EK ©
  • Contronic P ©
  • Siemens Simatic S7 ©
  • WAGO-I/O ©
Industrial Automation:
  • Planing
  • Maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • Migration


3P Automation provides their services and products for globally acting enterprises as well as small and medium sized companies. Core business of our customers are for example energy, oil, gas, material handling, chemistry and steel. Please find a short list of selected customers below:

2007 - 2008
Software audit
Expansion of existing automation systems
2007 - 2014
HKW Minden, AKW Grohnde, KW Datteln:
Upgrade MaestroUX, expansion of existing automation systems, optimization of control loops, planning works, system checks
Turnkey automation solution for remote controlled (GSM) drilling und pumping facilities
Conversion and migration of a Contronic E system to a new DCS (Ovation) in the power plant „Little Barford“
Visualization of a baggage conveyor system at the Continental Airport in Houston, Texas.
2007 - 2014
Development and commissioning of a “virtual power plant“ for a German wide pooling of balancing power à SYSTEMKraftwerk

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