Privacy Statement VA-Engineering GmbH; Minden (12.2018)

  1. Essentials

    The protection of your privacy is very important to us. Therefore, we would like to ask you to read the following summary about the data collection on our web service

    The data protection statement listed here should inform about the type, scope and purpose of the collection of personal data by the website operator (VA-Engineering GmbH). The data collection and transmission comply with the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the BDSG. Changes and corresponding updates to the privacy policy cannot be ruled out, which is why we recommend that you regularly read this privacy policy.

    We assure that this data is only for the functioning, the statistical evaluation and the improvement of our offer. According to current regulations, this data is stored only for the time necessary for the purposes described. Exceptions apply if longer storage is provided for by the GDPR. The statutory deletion regulations are complied with.

    We take the protection of your data very seriously and treat it confidentially. If you still have concerns or questions regarding the collection of your data, you will find the corresponding contact details of the responsible contact person at the end of the text.

  2. Personal Data

    This website collects and uses personal data. The data collection carried out here corresponds to a legitimate interest according to Art.6 (1) (f) of the GDPR. In addition, we rely on information from our users to provide our services in parts.

    Data will only be collected to the extent that it is used and forwarded to third parties, as permitted by law and / or if users have given their consent. We, as the operator, may only store, post or subsequently access personal data for a longer period of time as permitted by law (for example, in the case of suspected illegal activities).

    By visiting and using our site various personal data can be collected according to Art.4 DSGVO, which you will find listed below.

    • Access Data

      As part of an automatic log of the processing computer system, a log file is created. This means that the information of your used terminal is recorded as logfiles on a server. By accessing our site, we collect such data, which are stored as server log files. This is done for security reasons. Server log files are stored for a maximum of seven days and then deleted. The personal data collection includes:

      • Access to the page: date, time, frequency
      • How you came to the page (previous page, hyperlink, etc.)
      • Amount of sent data
      • Which browser and which version of it you are using
      • Your IP-address

      You can also use our offer without revealing any information about yourself. As a rule, we will nevertheless store your anonymized access data without inference to the natural person.

    • Contact via Forms and Comment Function

      If you contact us (e.g. via the e-mail function) your name and your e-mail address are usually collected. Again, there is a legitimate interest on our part, if e.g. your comment violates applicable law. In addition, we reserve the right to delete any utterances with inhuman, defamatory, homophobic and similar inflammatory content and, if necessary, to bring it to notice.

    • Particularly Personal Data

      No special personal data are collected under Art. 9 GDPR.

  3. Data Transfer to Third Parties

    Your data will not be communicated to third parties. In addition, we take appropriate measures and regular checks to ensure that the data we collect cannot be viewed or tapped by third parties from outside.

  4. Cookies

    This website uses cookies. These are small text files that are placed in your browser. That way, your browser and device will be recognized on the next login. This will allow you to reconstruct previously made settings and other changes you have made on your next visit. We use cookies to:

    • Personalize our service and thus make it more user-friendly
    • Prevent fraud and ensure security

    You can always block the setting of cookies and delete cookies already set in your browser. In such a case, we must inform you that certain features on the site may no longer function or only partially function.

    If you do not wish to use cookies from a particular provider, you can make the appropriate settings via the following pages.

  5. Newsletter and Subscription

    We send information mails to the deposited e-mail addresses of our users, in which we inform about innovations and updates.

    For this we save corresponding e-mail addresses. If you no longer wish this, you can unsubscribe from the mailing at any time at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!. Your e-mail address will then be deleted immediately from the mailing list.

  6. Web Analytics Services

    We do not use web analytics services.

  7. Social-Media-Plugins

    We do not use social media plugins.

  8. Your Rights

    You have rights in relation to the collection of your data. Under current law, we are required to educate you about them. The use and implementation of these rights is free of charge for you.

    • Right of Withdrawal

      You have the right to revoke your consent to the collection of data at any time.

    • Right to Data Portability

      You have the right to request a transfer of your data from us to another location.

    • Right to Rectification, Cancellation or Blocking

      You have the right to have your data corrected, deleted or blocked. The latter applies if the legal situation does not permit deletion.

    • Right of Complaint

      You have the right to complain to a regulator or a competent body if you have a cause for complaint. To exercise this right and the two previously mentioned, please contact the contact persons listed at the end of this Privacy Policy.

  9. Responsible for Data Collection

    For questions, requests for information, applications, complaints or criticism regarding our privacy policy, you can contact the following:

    Herr Matthias Witte
    VA-Engineering GmbH
    Lavelsloher Str. 5
    32469 Petershagen

    Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

  10. Data Protection Commissioner

    We have no additional data protection officer.

  11. Changes to Privacy Policy

    We, the persons responsible, reserve the right to change the privacy policy at any time with regard to applicable data protection regulations. The current status is October 2018.