Where flows of liquid, vaporous or gaseous media have to be controlled or shut off

SCHIEBEL On/OFF- and Modulating Actuators

Since January 2016 VA-Engineering GmbH is the sales partner of the SCHIEBEL GmbH in Germany.

You can access a selection of SCHIEBEL-actuators and gearboxes direct from our SCHIEBEL-warehouse in Minden.

The company SCHIEBEL is a globally active company, founded in Vienna in 1958. Since that time SCHIEBEL has manufactured electrical actuators for on/off- and modulating duties.

Around the world, SCHIEBEL actuators have been proven successfully in many different areas of applications.

Stable and reliable, smart and compact, innovative and safe are the attributes which are mentioned from satisfied users in connecting with SCHIEBEL actuators most frequently.


Business Areas

Water and Sewage

Actuators for this industry are characterized by high durability. Protection from the penetration of water and from corrosion are decisive criteria , especially in water and sewage treatment due to the extreme ambient conditions.

Typical applications are sewage treatment plants, drinking water treatment and distribution, and weir slides.

Power Plants

Reliability is a core topic in the power plant construction. Here it is absolutely important that actuator functions are flawlessly for the protection of personnel and / or plant components.

Special certifications are standard in this area and are being obtained to an increasingly greater extent.

Main application areas are gas and steam power plants, flue gas cleaning, biomass power plants, nuclear plants and boiler engineering.

Oil and Gas

Innovative and safe are the core features for the oil and gas industry. Safe and undisturbed service with high pressures and difficult ambient conditions are the normal criteria. Explosion proof according to ATEX is common standard. Fail- Safe-actuators for special requirements. Solutions for gas storage , refining, tank farms and compressor stations.

District Heating

Because of the decentralization process, smart control is now a priority demand for district heating plants . Thanks to actuators with integrated controls, remote diagnosis is possible. Hence this knowledge can be effectively used at the outset in maintenance cases. Applications for incineration plants, long distance pipeline constructions, pump stations, district cooling, thermal power plants and cogeneration.

Electric Actuators for On/Off- and Modulating Duty

CM Serie
Smart & Compakt
AB Serie
Durable& Reliable
FS Serie
Innovative & Safe
Smartcon 2nd
On/Off (S2), Modulating (S4) On/Off (S2), Modulating (S4) On/Off (S2), Modulating (S4) Optimized Display
ATEX ATEX ATEX Binary inputs 5+1
24 V DC to 400 V AC 3~ 24 V DC to 690 V AC~ Fail-Safe Binary outputs with
Rotary Actuator up to 62 Nm Rotary Actuator up to 24 V DC to 400 V AC~ higher performance 24 V DC
with gearbox up to 500 Nm 5000 Nm Part Turn Actuator up to 32.000 Nm 2 analog outputs +2
Semi-Rotary Actuator with gearbox up to 43.000 Nm Linear Actuator up to 190 kN 2 analoge inputs +2
up to 15.000 Nm Part Turn Actuator 300.000 Nm and max. stroke 230 mm improved EMC
Linear actuator up to 25 kN and Linear Actuator up to 400 kN adjustable positioning can be upgraded with SD-
200 mm stroke and 500 mm stroke   for downloading software
positioning time or speed positioning time as 3 s or   im/export data
adjustable 40 mm/s   extended temp. range
      -40°C to +70°C


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