Where flows of liquid, vaporous or gaseous media have to be controlled or shut off

In order to prepare an offer for Valves, the following information is required:
• Type of valve: globe type, angle type, Z-type, three-way type
• Nominal pressure, PN
• Nominal diameter, DN
• Flow data:

Operating medium, max. operating temperature, max. operating pressure P1 upstream pressure,
P2 downstream pressure at max. and min. flow and the corresponding temperatures

• Flanged or butt-welded
• Customer-specific requirements

In order to prepare an offer for Electrical Actuators, the following information is required:
• Actuator type (rotation, swivel or linear drive)
• Operating mode (closed loop control or open/closed actuator)

• Type of control (conventional switchgear on or integrated motor electronics)
• Actuator type, connection flange
• Required torque or thrust
• Stroke for linear or working angle or rotary actuators
• Run time or adjusting time
• Power supply
• Specific customer requirements

In order to prepare an offer for Pneumatic Actuators, the following information is required:
• Pressure of the working air

• Manual operation
• Function: spring opens / spring closes
• Blocking function
• Electro-pneumatic positioner
• Air pressure reducing and filtering station
• Setting time

Testing and Acceptance
The design, calculation, layout and production will be made according to the latest accepted engineering standards and in  compliance with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 / EC (PED).

CE marking is carried out for valves from Category I according to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 / EC.
Acceptance test according to customer specifications are also possible.

In order to speed up the layout, please use the data sheets filed under Download.