Where flows of liquid, vaporous or gaseous media have to be controlled or shut off

Actuators ST / RST / RH / RHA / RS plus repairs & spare parts ( H&B / S&F old program )

We offer you control actuators of the Schoppe & Faeser / Hartmann & Braun series ST / RST / RH / RHA / RS.
These are overhauled actuators with 1 year warranty. The actuators are as good as new and ready to be used
for many years.
During the major overhaul the following work was carried out :

Servo motor: Bearing and simmerring renewed, wear parts of the brake replaced, brake adjusted again

Gearbox: Sealing surfaces reworked and sealing elements replaced, toothed belt for feedback transmitter control renewed, tightness test performed

Feedback Transmitter: Complete internal wiring renewed, add-on housing of plugs renewed

Furthermore the following work was carried out: Replacement of the defective and aged components, oil filling renewed, servo motor / actuator assembled, actuator varnished, final test / function test
Of course, we can also repair or overhaul your drives which are presently in service.
All original spare parts for the actuators program are also available.
Please contact us.

An extract of the available actuators, motors, spare parts are listed in the following table. If you need other types, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Actuator Torque/Force Travel/Operating Angel
Rated Speed
RH/RST 5-15 T 50Nm 90° 15 s/90°
RH/RST 5-30 C 50Nm 90° 30 s/90°
RH/RST 8-30 T 80Nm 90° 30 s/90°
RH/RST 10-30 C 10Nm 90° 30 s/90°
RH/RST 12-10 T 120Nm 90° 10 s/90°
RH/RST 25-30 T 250Nm 90° 30 s/90°
RH/RST 60-10 T 600Nm 90° 10 s/90°
RH/RST 60-30 T 600Nm 90° 30 s/90°
RH/RST 125-30 T 1250Nm 90° 30 s/90°
RH/RST125-60T 1250Nm 90° 60 s/90°
RH/RST 200-30 T 2000Nm 90° 30 s/90°
RH/RST 400-30 T 4000Nm 90° 30 s/90°
RHA250-30T 250Nm 90° 30 s/90°
RHA 500-60 T 500Nm 90° 60 s/90°
RHA 800-15 T 800Nm 90° 15 s/90°
RHA 2500-25 T 2500Nm 90° 25 s/90°
RHA 2500-45 T 2500Nm 90° 45 s/90°
RHA 2500-45T+2.5E 2500Nm 90° 45/2,5 s/90°
RHA 4000-40 T 4000Nm 90° 40 s/90°
RHC25-30 250Nm 90° 30 s/90°
RHC250-60 2500Nm 90° 60 s/90°
RS4-0,5C 4kN 30mm 0,5 mm/S
RS10-5,0T 10kN 100mm 5 mm/S
RS20-1,5T 20kN 100mm 1,5 mm/S
RS20-4,0T 20kN 100mm 5 mm/S
RS50-1,5T 50kN 60mm 1,5 mm/S
RS100-1,5T 100kN 150mm 1,5 mm/S
Servo motor Extras Extras Extras
Motor M 023B      
Motor M 163LT      
Motor M 403LT      
Motor M 753LT      
Motor M 1203LT      
Motor M 2403LT      
Feedback Transmitter
  Extras Extras
S2 (2-wire) 4…20mA    
S4 (4-wire) 0/4…20mA    

Subject to prior sale

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